pH7 calibration solution

pH7 calibration solution


pH 7.00 technical calibration solution. The sachet contains 20 mL of pH 7 calibration solution. It allows you to calibrate the electronic tester. After opening, store the calibration solution in an airtight place.

pH7 calibration solution

To measure pH values in water, it is essential to calibrate your equipment. It is therefore necessary to calibrate your pH tester. The operation involves giving universal values to the pH meter. The pH meter will refer to this and tell you exactly what the value of your water is.

The pH7 calibration solution is a high-quality pH7 calibration buffer. It allows you to set the reference value for your electronic tester before use. It can therefore be used to readjust the measurement of your water so that it is accurate. In fact, it compares the measured value with this pH7 calibration solution, which is a known reference and therefore serves as a precise benchmark. The sachet shows the reference pH level of the solution, based on the temperature of the solution during calibration.

Our technical pH buffer solutions are dedicated to measurements requiring extremely precise pH monitoring. The pre-emption date is indicated on each bag.

The pH meter is calibrated with one or two buffer solutions before each measurement campaign (e.g. every morning). Depending on the measurements to be made, you may calibrate, for example, with a pH7 calibration solution and then, for measurements far from pH7, with a pH4 solution for measurements in an acidic environment, or with a pH7 calibration solution and then a pH=10 solution for measurements in a basic environment. Measurement values are ideally between the two pH values of the buffer solutions used (pH4, 7 are the most common buffer solution values).

How to use:

  1. You open the bag with a pair of scissors
  2. Then you plunge your probe inside
  3. Start calibration on the electronic tester (see operating instructions):
  4. the pH14 pH meter supplied with the kit: switch on the electronic pH meter and turn a small screw to reach the standard value, i.e. 7.00 at 20°C. (See pH meter instructions).