Our vision

A world where the widespread use of water softeners, thanks to CO2, actively preserves water resources and protects the environment for future generations.


Our mission

At Hydrokube, we’re committed to doing our part to preserve water, a rare and precious resource, by offering effective, environmentally-friendly water softening solutions. We firmly believe in finding sustainable ways to soften water without excessive waste or pollution, while improving our customers’ quality of life.

Our mission is to provide innovative CO2 water softeners that not only reduce environmental impact, but also preserve our precious water resource. Using advanced technology, we offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water softening methods. We’re determined to create a future where water softening doesn’t contribute to the water crisis, but rather helps to preserve it.

How to

Our values

Water conservation

We are committed to preserving water by supplying softeners that minimize waste and optimize the use of this precious resource.


We design our Hydrokube energy-efficiently, using sustainable materials to minimize our environmental impact.

Water quality

We strive to provide limescale-neutralized water of the highest quality, while preserving the good minerals in the water and thus the health and well-being of our customers.


We place both our employees and our customers at the heart of our values. We attach great importance to your satisfaction and well-being, building relationships based on trust.


With your help, we make the world a better place

A CO2 softener considerably reduces your carbon footprint. The CO2 captured from polluting activities is then conditioned to be used for “food” purposes. By opting for this solution, you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

Water softening with CO2 is environmentally friendly, as it avoids wasting resources. Unlike salt-based softeners, which require constant regeneration with lots of water, the CO2 softener works without additional water, preserving this precious resource. Hydrokube components are of European origin, robust thanks to their industrial quality, and assembled by our company Greenside in Belgium.

CO2 softeners are effective in removing mineral deposits such as limescale from water, helping to improve the quality of the water you use every day. Quality softened water, with no added salts, offers many benefits, including healthy tap water with all its minerals, better protection for your appliances and pipes against limescale build-up, and softer skin and hair after a shower.

By choosing a CO2 softener, you’re supporting an environmentally-friendly solution and encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices. By promoting this technology, you raise public awareness of the importance of ecological measures to preserve our planet.

Our history

Hydrokube: a state-of-the-art water treatment solution

In the early 2010s, on the advice of my plumber, I installed a water softener in my home to eliminate the whitish limescale deposits on the taps and to respond to my partner’s complaints about dry skin. I opted for a conventional salt water softener, but it was consuming up to 300 liters of water a week, with an unpleasant taste of tap water. So I decided to find a more effective alternative.

In collaboration with water treatment experts, a chemist and a physicist, I developed the Hydrokube, a revolutionary CO2 water softener. Unlike conventional models, the Hydrokube effectively removes limescale without consuming additional water, and preserves essential minerals in the water.

After months of research, development and rigorous testing, I succeeded in creating the Hydrokube, a CO2 water softener offering incomparable advantages. Unlike conventional models, the Hydrokube uses a unique CO2 water treatment method that effectively eliminates limescale without consuming additional water. What’s more, it preserves the essential minerals present in water, guaranteeing soft, high-quality water.

Once the Hydrokube was perfected, I began sharing the impressive results with my closest friends. Their growing interest has encouraged me to take this revolutionary device a step further and make it available to home and business users. Convinced of its benefits and its ability to solve hard water problems, I set up my own company to market the Hydrokube.

Since then, our company has grown at a steady pace. We have established partnerships with distributors and service providers to bring the Hydrokube to an ever wider audience. Thanks to its proven efficiency and advanced, robust technology, our softener has quickly become the preferred choice of many consumers concerned about their well-being and the quality of the water they use every day.

The story of our company is one of a personal quest to find a solution to a common problem, which evolved into a solid business dedicated to improving people’s lives. With the Hydrokube, we’ve created much more than just a water softener; we’ve paved the way for a new approach to water treatment, one that’s more respectful of the environment and more beneficial to health.

Today, we pursue our mission by continuing to innovate and offer groundbreaking solutions in the field of water treatment. We’re proud of the positive impact we have on our customers’ lives, and we’re determined to continue driving our company forward to contribute to a future where everyone can enjoy quality water, without compromise.

Greenside S.A. : Belgian pioneers of Hydrokube water softeners

Greenside S.A., a family-owned Belgian company headquartered on the outskirts of Brussels, is proud to be the originator of Hydrokube water softeners. This innovation is the result of a personal quest to find a solution to the problems associated with hard water, such as limescale deposits and adverse effects on the skin.

Convinced of the importance of preserving the environment and water quality, our Hydrokube softeners are designed to minimize the impact on water resources. They waste no water and require no salt or chemicals, guaranteeing safer water and a healthier planet.

Our company relies on solid partnerships with European suppliers renowned in their field, with a focus on quality and reliability. This is how we produce our Hydrokube water softeners in Belgium, ensuring that high standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

We strive to meet the varied needs of different sectors, from private individuals and the self-employed to local authorities and businesses. Thanks to our expertise and our commitment to quality products and solutions, we offer warranties on our equipment.

Drawing on our personal history and our passion for improving water quality, we distribute our Hydrokube products throughout Belgium and Europe. Our aim is to enable more people to benefit from softened water in an environmentally-friendly way, while preserving our planet’s precious resources.

If you share our vision and would like to become a reseller and installer of a Hydrokube product, we’d be delighted to discuss collaboration opportunities with you. Contact us today to join our network of partners committed to environmental protection and consumer well-being. Together, we can make a positive difference by providing quality water and preserving our planet for future generations.


Marc Ewbank