Your next-generation water softener,

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CO2 water softener

economical and reliable

Neutralize limescale-related problems in your home’s water.

Limescale in water builds up in pipes and shortens the life of household appliances.

What’s more, hard water makes it much harder to keep bathrooms and kitchens clean.

Quickly benefit from quality water by treating the limescale in your water with food-grade CO2, so there’s no added salt.

Your benefits

Our 6 not-to-be-missed advantages

The Hydrokube provides effective treatment against limescale in your home’s water, is environmentally friendly and very economical to use.

Good for the environment

The Hydrokube has a positive impact on ourplanet. Recycled CO2 is environmentally friendly. What’s more, it neutralizes the negative effects of limescale (longer life for your appliances, fewer cleaning products, no water wastage, etc.).

Good for you

Hydrokube’s CO2 treatment preserves all the natural properties of the water. The quality of the water will be even better. It will soften the water, leaving skin and hair feeling soft.

Good for your home

No more limescale build-up on shower walls, your boiler is protected, your laundry is softer, the water circuit doesn’t lose pressure and aerators don’t clog, sanitaryware is easier to clean.


The Hydrokube treats 100% of the water used (no discharge into the sewage system), has negligible power consumption, requires no maintenance and your appliances consume less energy.

Designed to last

The Hydrokube is assembled using industrial-grade components of European origin. Its design was conceived from the outset to be modular. Each element is independently replaceable, so it lasts over time and fights obsolescence.

The service

We have a duty to offer you a solution and service that meet your expectations. The Hydrokube is developed and manufactured in Belgium, and installed and adjusted by professionals. And we’re always there for you personally.

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What our customers say

Google reviews

Hydrokube is the economical, reliable scale remover for your home and your health. As effective as a salt water softener, but much more economical thanks to food-grade CO2 treatment.
Nicolas Maskens


Efficient, environmentally and health-friendly, inexpensive…

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Lorsque j’ai acheté ma maison en 2002, elle était équipée d’un adoucisseur au sel – je me suis vite rendu compte que celui-ci rejetait des centaines de litres d’eau à l’égout chaque semaine ! Je l’ai donc débranché.
Evidemment, j’ai commencé à avoir des problèmes liés au calcaire… entre autres, tuyauterie interne de ma chaudière complètement bouchée !
Par chance j’ai pu bénéficier en 2015 de la technologie au CO2 qui est aussi efficace mais ne génère pas ces rejets intempestifs à l’égout. De plus, le calcium reste présent (sous une autre forme chimique) dans l’eau du robinet que nous buvons –> bon pour le corps :). Et puis le CO2 pour une année me coûte à peine l’équivalent de deux recharges “SodaStream”…
Et il y a encore des petits avantages – j’ai par exemple identifié une fuite d’eau importante grâce à l’écran du module Hydrokube qui affiche la consommation quotidienne … 150 litres déjà “consommés” alors que je me lève et que personne n’a encore pris de douche… pas normal ! Avec le compteur ‘officiel’ de hydrobru j’aurais constaté la fuite en recevant ma facture annuelle…
Bref… que des avantages…
Sébastien Van Nechel


This review after almost 2 years of use.
Hydrokube Confort installation placed by our heating engineer in May 2019. …

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We are a family of 5. To date, I’m very satisfied. In our case, there are many positive examples between before and after. Before the installation, the faucet aerators quickly filled up with limescale flakes, forcing me to descale them regularly. Since installation, no more limescale flakes in the mousseurs. The same applies to stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, with much less residue. Ditto in the electric kettle, etc. The difference between before and after was very clear in our case. I’d like to emphasize the importance of correct setting during initial startup.
What’s more, we drink this water every day. The big advantage is that, unlike systems with salt tablets, the water retains a good taste.
Once the system is installed and properly set up, you forget about it, and that’s all there is to it. Just check the CO2 cylinder pressure after 6 months to 1 year. The instructions supplied are clear.
Best regards,
Albert Dewever


Very happy with my new water softener. It runs on CO2, and having had a salt water softener in the past, I’m happy to …

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can assure you that it’s much more efficient. The water no longer tastes salty…
Thanks to the installer who was very professional!

Individuals and professionals trust us, and so can you.

For over 10 years, thousands of users have tested and approved a CO2 water softening solution.