pH4 calibration solution

pH4 calibration solution


pH 4.00 technical calibration solution. The sachet contains 20 mL of pH 4 calibration solution. It allows you to calibrate the PCE-228 electronic tester. After opening, store the calibration solution in an airtight place.

The pH4 solution is a high-quality calibration buffer for calibrating your pH sensor. It allows you to give your electronic tester a second reference value before use. It can therefore be used to readjust the measurement of your water so that it is accurate. It compares the measured value with this known reference solution, thus serving as a precise reference for the slope between pH7 and pH4. The sachet indicates the solution's reference pH level as a function of the solution temperature during calibration. The expiry date is stamped on the sachet.

How to use:

  1. Open the bag
  2. Dip your probe inside
  3. Start calibration on the PCE-228 electronic tester (see operating instructions)