Precision pH meter

Precision pH meter


– Very good value for money
– It measures pH
– High precision to 0.01
– Low battery indication
– Large LCD display
– Low consumption
– Robust case

– pH electrode – BNC connection
– pH 7 Calibration Solution (20 ml) and recipient
– Calibarion pH 4 solution (20 ml) and recipient
– Manual calibration (adjustment screw)
– Suitable for laboratory and on-site measurements
– Easy to use
Optional carrying case
– Power supply: 9V dc – Battery not included

Delivery times: on request

pH 100 tester for pH values

It therefore makes it easy to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid. With this pH meter, not only do you measure reliably and accurately, but it's also quick to activate and consumes little power. This makes the pH meter ideal for a wide range of applications and quality control in schools, laboratories and swimming pools, for example.

This pH meter is practical and easy to use. Read the measured value from the display.
Use the hold function to "freeze" the measured value on the display.
Two-point calibration

Kit contents
PH-100 ATC
Measuring electrode
Resolution 0.01 pH
Measurement speed: 0.4 seconds
Power supply: 9 VDC battery (not included)

pH 4 and pH 7 calibration liquid including storage containers