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Apartment building and business premises

The Jacques Delens company created this contemporary architectural building. It comprises a complex of 40 luxury apartments finished to a very high standard. It also has 4 spaces for professional use.

In reality, Besix RED, the owner, wanted to offer homeowners the very best in equipment and comfort. As a result, the promoter wanted to encourage prospective buyers to preserve their investment. And so we also had to come up with a solution for the problems associated with limescale in the water. Consequently, the design office was looking for an effective solution to protect against limestone damage.

In collaboration with the plumbing company that was contracted for the project, we installed two Hydrokube L units for each of the two wings of the building. What’s more, thanks to CO2 treatment, the customer avoided duplicating the water supply to each apartment. In fact, unlike other treatments, Hydrokube is perfectly compatible with water consumption for all occupants.


Apartment building

In this project, the community of this 16-apartment building had to replace the old, faulty softener. Following the failure of the old softener, the occupants had been without water treatment for several months. So it was important for them to find a reliable solution to combat limescale problems.

A competitive offer and the benefits of the treatment convinced the co-owners. So, in January 2017, they entrusted us with the installation and commissioning of an L-type Hydrokube. From then on, together with our authorized dealer, we prioritized the installation and commissioning of the treatment.

The co-owners also welcomed the space freed up by the small footprint at the entrance to the premises. So it’s easy to find your way around. What’s more, you no longer need to occupy a large space to store dozens of bags of salt.

Compared with a salt softener, maintenance costs are reduced. In fact, it is limited to the annual replacement of cylinders and a system check. As a result, the Hydrokube has significantly reduced recurring costs.


Art Nouveau building

For this listed building, the co-owners were looking for a high-quality, environmentally-friendly solution.

Food-gradeCO2 injection is a common alternative to conventional softeners. It prevents limescale deposits without demineralizing domestic water.

The Hydrokube meets this need to respect the environment. In fact, withCO2 treatment, there’s no water wastage and no salt rejection. What’s more, you can continue to drink tap water without added salt. CO2 limestone treatment is the answer to the customer’s needs. In addition, the purchase of bottled water for everyday consumption was excluded.

It has to be said that the small footprint also convinced the co-owners.

It should be noted that for CO2 replacement in small communities, a simple annual intervention is sufficient. As a result, the effectiveness of the treatment is guaranteed all year round, without interruption and without the need for intervention by co-owners.

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