Measurement of CO2 concentration and temperature

Measurement of CO2 concentration and temperature


  • Monitoring CO2 concentrations in buildings
  • High-performance dual-beam NDIR sensor
  • Displays CO2 concentration and indoor temperature
  • High-speed LED display (green / yellow / red)
  • USB cable and 202-230-volt AC plug included

CO2 concentration controller

Whether you need to control the CO2 concentration in the room where the CO2 cylinder is installed, or to monitor the room in which you're working, this space-saving device will meet your needs. Indeed, people who breathe good air are healthier, happier and perform better. High concentrations of CO2 in the air are often the cause of headaches, dizziness and permanent fatigue.

With this CO2 controller, you can monitor the state of stale, polluted air in rooms where people gather, for example in schools, offices, public buildings or even a party with friends. Timely, energy-efficient ventilation ensures a healthy indoor climate.

The display shows the CO2 content of the ambient air on a screen, alternating with the temperature. Colored LED signal lights next to the display change from green to yellow or red depending on air quality.

How it works

  • Controlling CO2 levels in buildings
  • High-quality Dual Beam NDIR sensor
  • Alternating display of CO2 concentration and ambient temperature
  • High-speed LED display (green / yellow / red)

Additional information

CO2 measurement range

0…3000 ppm

Scope of delivery

CO2 monitor, USB cable, 220-230 volt AC plug, instruction manual

Temperature range



(L) 116 x (B) 24 x (H) 42 mm


65 gr


Plastic – self-supporting assembly