Compact 10 kg (13 l) CO2 cylinder

Compact 10 kg (13 l) CO2 cylinder


Bottle only for Hydrokube kit. Price with or without return of deposit of the same type!

  • Not suitable for other applications
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) – Food additive – Non flammable, non toxic gas
  • Treats approx. 100 M3 of water
  • 13 liters of CO2 (10 Kg)
  • Specific Hydrokube connection
  • Food additive – Purity > 99
  • Empty weight +/- 20 kg
  • Size: +/- 67×20.4 cm (hxd)
  • Bottle duty (€85 excl. VAT) not due in case of return of an identical bottle with protective cap

Compact bottle for Hydrokube kit. Used as a food additive, it meets the specific purity requirements of European directives E290 (> 99% purity). The best-known application for carbonic acid (a weak acid) is as an effervescent in soft drinks and beer. This solution is frequently used in greenhouses. It prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Swimming pools use carbon dioxide to give the water a neutral pH. Mixed or not with nitrogen, carbonic acid is also used to condition foodstuffs. Another important application for this gas is in fire-fighting (extinguishers) or for certain medical interventions.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 70 × 20,4 cm

with the returnable bottle, without the returnable bottle