100cm quick connection kit

100cm quick connection kit


Kit composition :
– 2 x brass quick connectors for steel pipe, d27 – F3/4″ or PE d20 M3/4″.
– 2 x 100 cm stainless steel braided hoses, M-F 3/4″.
– 2 x fiber gaskets for hose sealing
– 4 x M-F M-F 3/4″ brass elbows

Quick connection kit
This kit is ideal for easy installation of the Hydrokube on galvanic (O.D. 27 mm) or PE (polyethylene) pipes (O.D. 20 mm). And there's no need to thread the existing pipe or use special crimping pliers. A basic knowledge of plumbing is also necessary to ensure that connections are watertight and durable.

In addition, the hose connects to the Hydrokube, and two fiber gaskets seal the Hydrokube connections. A brass elbow can also be added directly to the Hydrokube, before the hose, to ensure correct hose direction.

Once the existing water supply pipe has been cleanly cut at the desired installation location, brass compression fittings ensure a watertight seal on the galvanized or PE pipe. A brass elbow can also be added to ensure a connection without twisting the hose.


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Weight 2 kg